Field Days

We have had several questions about Field Day already and we wanted to share with you our intended plan. During the last full week of May, we will celebrate PE by having various field day types of activities. Instead of one day dedicated to Field Day, we are going to divide up activities and have students participate in them over the course of three days during their Enrichment times. This allows us to space out our students and provides us enough time to clean stations between classes.  We have activities planned that will use both our outdoor and indoor space and we are excited to bring the fun to our students. Because of our complex schedule and including the use of both indoor and outdoor space, we are unable to accommodate or invite parents this year.  

For our virtual students, we are offering two different options:

 Option1: They can complete virtual field day activities at home and post videos to the padlet. This will look very similar to what we did last year. 

Option 2: We would like to extend an invitation to them to join us for the various field day activities that we are hosting on campus. These occur during Enrichment times. We will not be able to accommodate parents at this time, and the students will need to be dropped off and picked up within a small window, to allow us the opportunity to work with all grade levels.  We understand that this might not be the most convenient option for them to attend during enrichment time on those three days, therefore, we will also provide online activities.