Battle of the Books

Students purchase the five books and a t-shirt for this club. They then meet after school with Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Miller for practice. A team of five is taken to the district competition in March. Please contact Mrs. Hudson for more information.

Broadcast Club

Broadcast club writes, produces and stars in our daily announcement show, The Dino Daily. They also cover special events such as Toys for Tots, Teacher Appreciation Week, they make commercials for upcoming events and anything requested by our staff. For more information please contact Mrs. Drake.


Our choir participates in Toys for Tots as well as several concerts and special events throughout the year. For more information contact, Mrs. Farr.

Dino Yearbook Club

Our student produced yearbook is a hit at MRLA. They take the pictures, design layouts and the cover, and sell and promote it. For more information contact, Mrs. Dowden or Mrs. May.

Drum Club

Friday Morning Clubs

On Friday mornings we have a variety of clubs students can choose from. We rotate each six weeks so they are able to try new activities that may be of interest to them. Our clubs vary widely from art, to drones, to chess, to STEM. 

Reid Robotics

Our Robotics team works after school to code, build, and present a robot for a competition. For more information contact, Mrs. Dowden.

Student Lighthouse

The Student Lighthouse is an important part of Leader In Me on our campus. They meet before school to plan the monthly leadership assemblies, community service projects, and fundraising. For more information contact, Mrs. Drake or Mrs. Miller.